Closing the gap between occupancy rates and midweek travel
September 13, 2021
Wishing all our friends and business partners a peaceful holiday season.
December 22, 2021

To say that it’s been a tough period for companies focused on the travel/hospitality industry would be a major understatement. It’s been a rollercoaster of note but we took some time out, had a good look at our resources and went back to the drawing board to uncover new and creative ways of doing things and in the process hit upon a couple of exciting changes to ensure that we emerge stronger and better equipped to grow and expand.

Two exciting things have happened. First, we changed our name from Hospitality Affairs (Pty) Ltd to Afri-Centric (Pty) Ltd. This ensures that everyone knows that we are not just a leading events company but equally experienced in providing bespoke travel experiences. The second, is that with the addition of a specialised resource who brings worldwide travel experience, we are now able to focus more on the travel side.

After the rains come the harvest. This we know and its why we believe for sure that the demand for travel will come back with a bang. Most of us have been cloistered away for a good two years and need to spread our wings again.

Business has for the most part been focused on virtual meetings but now once again we’re seeing the need to re-establish personal relationships and understand what has changed in our client’s world.

Our name Afri-Centric is inspired by our love for Africa. Our passion for this continent knows no bounds. We are fuelled by its landscapes from Table Mountain to the pyramids of Egypt, from Mapubungwe to the vastness of the Serengeti, the music of Mali and Senegal and the rich history of Timbuktu, the deserts of Namibia to the thunder of Victoria Falls and lush wetlands of the Okavango Delta, bringing it right back to The Cradle of Humankind – where it all started.

The diversity of this majestic continent is startling. It’s all about connectedness, immersive experiences and creating lifetime memories.In addition, now that South Africa is opening up and business is casting off the effects of lockdown, many will want to re-engage directly with their clientele or potential customers. The events business will, undoubtedly, also come back with a bang and we are ready and prepared to provide first-class experiences and unforgettable events to all our customers.

To remain resilient, we have also beefed-up our professional offerings to customers across the globe in our bespoke Christmas decorations and work wear services. South Africa is our home and playground and it’s where we are based while remaining tightly linked to all of our destinations.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even if it is just to say hello.